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PPSU Transition Feeding Bottle

  • Designed in Canada
  • Made of medical grade PPSU Material from Germany
  • PPSU can withstand repeated exposure to heat and sterilization
  • PPSU has higher heat tolerance and outstanding impact resistance up to 180°C or 356°F vs regular PP bottles at only 110° C or 230°F
  • Safer and more durable material to prevent unwanted chemicals from leeching into milk
  • Unique Volumetric Markings to help indicate remaining milk without unlatching
  • Bonus : Sealing Disc Included with each bottle
  • Naturally honey toned, resists odors and stains
  • Naturally BPA Free
  • -come in 6oz and 10oz, single and twin packs


Silicone Feeding Nipple

  • made from medical grade silicone
  • double anti colic system reduce gas intake and unwanted colic
  • textured surface enables babies to latch on easily and prevents nipple confusion
  • extra soft nipple and increased tip flexibility to enable a good tongue position and smooth tongue movement
  • designed with a gradual slope to mimic the natural shape of mom
  • design prevents nipple confusion, easily shift from breast to bottle and back
  • come in slow flow, medium flow and fast or variable flow


Marcus and Marcus Feeding Bottles come with compatible parts that can be used in different stages and extend the bottle’s life! You don’t have to throw away your bottles just yet. Our bottles are both environmentally and economically sustainable.


Stage 1 : Nipple (0+)

Stage 2 : Straw and Handles (6mos+)

Stage 3: Rim Spout with Handles (12m+)

Stage 4: Rim Spout without Handless (18m+)


Cleaning and Care

Highly recommend Steam Sterlilizer and Dryer

Also compatible with UV,  Top rack dishwasher, Microwave Steam Bags

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